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Sunshine Immo: about us and our services

Sunshine Immo is a team with many years experience in the Costa del Sol. We have a large selection of Houses, Land and Commercial properties. Wether it be an idilic country house amongst the orange and fruit trees or a simple apartment in the center of town or a magnificent Villa with views of the Mediterranean Sea.

We can help you

Maybe you already own a house here and would like to refurbish the bathroom, build a bar for the swimming pool or would like to create a beautiful garden.

If you don't speak Spanish or need help with the Spanish Authorities, or just want to take a holiday but not leave the house un supervised, or just need a bit of extra help around the home, the Sunshine Immo team is on hand to help with all these hurdles and more.

With over 300 days of sunshine a year it's no wonder that more and more europeans choose to visit or settle in the Costa del Sol!

Enjoy browsing our properties.

The Sunshine Immo Team.


  • Legal services
  • Property Management
  • Shopping in your order
  • Building and General Repairs
  • Authorities
  • Insurance
  • Registration of your vehicle
  • Electricians
  • AFO
  • Drone aerial photography and video filming
  • Holiday home licences

Do you not have the AFO?

We can arrange it and do all the paperwork for you. Our prices are totally transparent:

  • House of up to 80 sqm = 1,500 € + taxes
  • More than 80 sqm = POA (tarif varies)

Legal buyer-seller advice

Cheaper than your solicitor, and probably a lot more experienced. Flat rate: 1,500 €.

Property sales commission (total transparency):

  • From 100,000 to 200,000 € = 1,000 €
  • From 201,000 to 300,000 € = 1,500 €
  • From 301,000 to 500,000 € = 2,000 €
  • From 501,000 to 1,000,000 € = 3,000 €